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Valley Raiders Track Club

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Welcome to the 2017 season of the Valley Raiders Track Club
AT LAKE BALBOA (Northwest side of lake); north on the path next to the lake about 1/4 mile
PRACTICES ARE MWTh @ 6 pm & Sat @ 9:15 am
Sign up now (please see directions on Forms page)
Link to Pictures from T&F 2017 season:

Instagram account for the team!  @valleyraidersyouthtrack
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About Us:
The Valley Raiders Sports Organization began in 1978 as a youth sports club providing youth athletes (girls and boys 5-15 years old) with coaching and competition in football, basketball and track. We are organized under the umbrella of the Valley Youth Conference.
The Valley Raiders continue to provide coaching and training using facilities at Birmingham High School, at the corner of Victory and Balboa Boulevard in Lake Balboa (Van Nuys), California. The Valley Raiders Track Club has gained one of the finest reputations in the Los Angeles area due to the dedication and commitment of the athletes, coaches, parents and other adult participants engaging in the program.
The Valley Raiders Track Club is a non-profit organization. The Valley Raiders Track Club is self-supporting (tax deductible donations are always welcome and receipts will be gladly provided) and all of its personnel are volunteers.
Valley Raiders Track Club youth athletes have competed in State, National and International competition. In addition, many Valley Raiders Track Club athletes continue their track & field careers in high schools, colleges, and universities across the nation.


Practice Location-

Please meet at the southwest end of the BCCHS track. Please enter the track thru the gate at the south side of the track. 

17000 Haynes Avenue, Lake Balboa CA  91406

Birmingham Community Charter High School continues to graciously allow the Valley Raiders to call BCCHS their Home. Thank You!

All events take place at Birmingham CC HS unless in ().

January, 2018

Jan 20:                                    Sign Ups All Ages 10am-1pm


Feb 03:                                    Sign Ups All Ages 10am-1pm

Feb 10:                                        Practice All Ages 9-11am

Feb 11:                                    Coach Clinic (free) 8am-3pm

Feb 12:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Feb 14:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Feb 15:                                    Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-7:30pm

Feb 17:                                        Practice All Ages 9-11am

Feb 19:                 No Practice.

Feb 21:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Feb 22:                                    Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-7:30pm

Feb 24:                                        Practice All Ages 9-11am

Feb 26:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Feb 28:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 01:                                    Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-7:30pm

Mar 03:                                         Practice All Ages 9-11am

                                      PARENT MEETING All Ages

Mar 05:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 07:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 08:                                    Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-7:30pm

Mar 10:                     Time Trials All Ages 8:45-10:45am

Mar 12:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 14:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 15:                                   Practice: M/Y/I       6-7:30pm

Mar 17:       Practice All Ages 9-11am 

Mar 19:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 21:              Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 22:                                    Practice: M/Y/I     6-7:30pm

Mar 24:           Meet:  tbd

Mar 26:                Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 27:                Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Mar 38:                                    Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-7:30pm

Mar 31:          Meet:  tbd

Apr 02:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Apr 04:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Apr 05:                                    Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-7:30pm

Apr 07-08:     Conference Invitational (tbd)    

Apr 09:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Apr 11:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Apr 12:                                    Practice: M/Y/I      6-7:30pm

Apr 14:           Meet:  tbd 

Apr 16:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Apr 18:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

Apr 19:                                    Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-7:30pm

Apr 21:           Meet:  tbd

Apr 23:                 Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

                   G/B PICTURES (wear uniform)

Apr 25:                Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

                    M/Y/I PICTURES (wear uniform) 

Apr 26:                                     Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-8:00pm

Apr 28:             Meet:  tbd

Apr 30:                Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm

May 02:               Practice: G/B 5:30-7pm; M/Y/I 6-7:30pm 

May 03:        Practice: M/Y/I 6:00-7:30 (AT BALBOA LAKE)

May 05:           Eastern League Open     (tbd)

Practices only for League Final qualifiers:

May 07:                                    Practice All Ages 6-7:30pm

May 09:                                    Practice All Ages  6-7:30pm 

May 10:     Practice All Ages 6-7:30pm (AT BALBOA LAKE)

May 12:            Eastern League Finals    (tbd)

Practices only for IEC qualifiers:

May 14:                                    Practice All Ages 6-7:30pm

May 16:                                    Practice All Ages 6-7:30pm

May 17:    Practice All Ages 6-7:30pm (AT BALBOA LAKE)

May 19:            Individual Event Championships

                                    (Oaks Christian, Westlake Village?)

May 20:           PICNIC (Encino Park 10:30-2:30)